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Loneliness Loneliness is the theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week. Image: Unsplash.

As Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off, workplace wellbeing organisation Stress Matters has launched a new workshop to combat loneliness.

Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK is taking place between 9-15 May under the theme of combating loneliness. To mark the occasion, Stress Matters has launched the ‘Loneliness, Our Love Languages and Connections’ workshop. 

The focus of the workshop will be on building connections and identifying love languages that can help reduce loneliness. Participants will learn how to identify different types of loneliness and how they affect people. Stress Matters will also share practical advice on reducing loneliness in our everyday lives.  

Workshop participants will cover:

- What is loneliness and the impact of it

- The different categories of loneliness

- Identifying meaningful connections

- What is a love language and how does knowing it help create connections

- How to create a meaningful connection and help identify them

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, Stress Matter will be sharing content and resources online and on its social media channels. In preparation, members of the Stress Matters team have been writing blog posts based on the seven key ideas from the book, Lost Connections. These will be posted on Linkedin. 

Stress Matters is also offering discounted training throughout Mental Health Awareness week to encourage people to become Mental Health First Aiders. Those interested in undertaking the training will receive £500 off the price of the course if they enquire during Mental Health Awareness Week and book in by the end of May.

You can find more information on the ‘Loneliness, our Love Languages and Connections’ workshop and MHFA training here

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