Changing Times: “I’m four months pregnant and I’ve been let go”

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Changing Times: Anna-Marie Trzebinski Changing Times: Anna-Marie Trzebinski

We caught up with event director Anna-Marie Trzebinski as part of our Changing Times series of industry views on the unfolding coronavirus outbreak.

I’ve been let go. It’s been really difficult – I didn’t get any warning. I’ve been working for the company for one year as an event director. My manager said the board had made a decision - the meeting lasted five minutes. I’m four months pregnant – it’s stressful.

Most of my career I’ve been a contractor, it isn’t the easiest life but you do become quite resilient because you’re usually the first to go. But this was a permanent position. The coronavirus has been a complete shock.

After I found out I called my dad, he’s always been my adviser, and I just kind of cried. It wasn’t very nice. I went home and my husband was amazing. This week he’s been really strong for me. The hardest thing has been the reality of waking up every day. I’ve struggled sleeping because of it and then you wake up…

I’ve got to try to find a job at a time when nobody in the industry is recruiting. They think it will last three months – by then I will be seven months pregnant. It’s going to be difficult for employers to see past that. I had a spreadsheet planned out, I thought I would be able to work up until the end of August.

The best chance I’ve got is that lots of people have things postponed and eventually there’s going to be an abundance of work and I can get a contract job. But I need to get me in front of them before I mention that I’m pregnant.

It’s a bit of a hold-tight situation. Learn and make your profile the best you can online. I’m connected to LinkedIn most of the day. I’ve had three live seminars in the last 48 hours. It’s a really good way to network and find out the general consensus, as well as just being in touch with people.

I’d like to think somebody will look past the fact that I’m pregnant. I’d like to meet a company and stay with them for a while.

I’m a really positive person, I’ve been out of work when contracts have ended, but this was a permanent position. It’s been a good place and this has come as a bit of a shock. I don’t know anyone recruiting. Some people think it will be six months.

I’ve been quite resourceful, I’m trying to get in touch with lots of people. I’ve been on LinkedIn, I’ve been calling recruiters… I’m looking at tech companies – everyone’s turning to digital.

Social media can be your friend and foe. I’m listening around at the moment, seeing what the best thing to do is. Everybody has been supportive. I’m using LinkedIn as my working platform, you have to make sure you’re in the right mindset.

It’s not a good situation, but I’m not the only one.

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