New virtual event platform Crowdsol launches

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A new one-stop-shop virtual event platform aims to help planners navigate the challenge of online events.

Created by a team of event planners, the platform, Crowdsol, strives to 'solve the most challenging questions facing planners delivering digital events today.'

Developers said they want Crowdsol to allow event planners to bring together their global communities, create valuable experiences at an affordable cost and avoid the high logistics expenses of conventional events such as time, budgets, and how to create engaging events for global attendees without making an impact on the planet.

Crowdsol founder and MD, Tülin Sipahiler, said: “It will feel familiar from day one for events professionals, their speakers and sponsors and the attendees.”  

In order to achieve this, the platform includes several tools such as pre-configured event processes and templates for different event types.

Sipahiler added: “Having experience at the coalface, delivering global trade shows, conferences, and summits, has enabled us to build a solution that we know will save our clients time and easily create valuable experiences for their global communities.

“Building the Crowdsol platform was a journey of self-exploration for our events team, who have endeavoured to construct an effective and functional technology platform that fellow organisers will want to use and that their audiences will want to interact with.”

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