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A new events consultancy, set up by experienced industry professionals, is set to help business owners tackle the challenges plaguing the industry. 

Max Fellows, of Max Fellows Consultancy and Nick Robinson, former head of Clive Agency, have announced the launch of allpoints – a next-generation, independent and strategic consultancy for the creative and events industry. 

Issues at the top of the agenda include market relevance, staffing, market uncertainty, supply chain shortages, brand identity, inflation and clarity on methods and options for acquisition. 

Allpoints will launch as a team of six including Sarah Speake, former Google European CMO and Sharon Kersley, former head of events at Sky. 

Allpoints founder, Fellows, said: “There are currently no independent consultative offerings available in the creative and events industry that take such a bespoke approach, whilst being backed up with the current and relevant depth and breadth of experience that allpoints has. 

“The needs and levels of support required by agencies, brands and businesses have changed dramatically over recent years. In addition, we’ve also seen a significant shift in focus and urgency of businesses wanting to achieve their ambitions, be that growth, an acquisition, or an exit - which is where we come in.”

The new consultancy will focus on five service areas: 

  1. Human resources, culture, diversity and inclusion
  2. Brand, marketing, leadership, and operations
  3. Processes, mergers, and acquisitions
  4. Exits and non-executive director services
  5. Commercial growth and sales

Each new client relationship allpoints builds will begin with a strategic business review to produce a comprehensive report and prioritised roadmap to success. A tailored allpoints team will then deliver the required help, meaning clients get a completely bespoke team, only investing in the services they require in order to fulfil their full potential.

To find out more about allpoints or to get in touch visit

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