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The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has announced the launch of its free individual student membership.

With the importance of attracting and retaining talent high on the agenda, this initiative is targeted at students who have a keen ambition to enter the world of events. ESSA’s student membership offers access to a wealth of industry training, activities and events to provide first-hand experience of many real-life aspects of the industry.

ESSA said it recognised that there is often a gap between the theoretical aspects of what students learn while studying vocational events courses and their real-world experiences and expectations of working in the events industry. The aim of the student membership is to close this gap by giving students direct access to multiple aspects of the events industry to supplement their learning and help cement their desire to enter the industry.  

ESSA director, Andrew Harrison, said: “There has never been a greater need to attract talent into the industry and we all have a responsibility to nurture, develop and retain individuals and entice them to join us.

“Surprisingly, in a health and safety operationally led industry, this topic is not always covered in event courses and degrees. It’s just one of the many areas we plan to tackle with this initiative alongside offering support with developing CVs to become attractive candidates to ESSA Members for future employment opportunities. Placing students with a base knowledge of our industry in the safe hands of our members will set them firmly on the path to becoming a competent member of any events team, which in turn will help to secure the future of our industry.”

ESSA says that this approach promises mutual benefits to both ESSA members and students. As well as providing educational tools to students, such as access to the ESSA Individual Inductions, student webinars and masterclasses, students will also be invited to attend ESSA events where they will be given the opportunity to exhibit as well as take part in networking opportunities.

In addition, ESSA members will provide work placement opportunities to include build-ups and breakdowns to offer a real flavour of life on the ground and ESSA will provide a hub of member case studies to showcase the many positive aspects of working in such a varied industry. 

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