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An online venue directory is helping event planners source sustainable locations by showcasing venues with carbon offsetting programmes.

Planners can now easily find venues that have carbon offsetting measures in place using the new Carbon Offset icon displayed on each venue profile on Information on the measures each venue is taking to offset the carbon generated from each meeting and event will also be available. 

Michael Begley, senior director of sales and operations at, said: “As the UK's largest database of green accredited venues we want to support planners in making a sustainable choice as well as providing the data they need to report on their own carbon footprint.  Our new Carbon Offset icon helps planners with ‘green wayfinding’, enabling them to instantly identify truly sustainable venues.”

The carbon offset icon is one of the search criteria in, as well as on the GRATIS platform, making it easy to find a venue which supports a planner’s own sustainability requirements. 

Begley added: “Not only does an event itself contribute to emissions through catering and energy use, for example, but associated emissions such as travel to and from the event can add up to hundreds or even thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions in a short space of time. 

“We want to help event planners address the impact of these emission, particularly as the 2050 Net Zero target edges ever closer.” is partnering with Trees4Travel which plants trees in developing countries to offset carbon emissions generated by travel.

Trees4Travel chief eco officer, Nico Nicholas, said; “The conference and events industry can be a real beacon in the dark, guiding a more sustainable way of doing business, as long as the right tools are in place for attendees.  The ‘eco-economies of scale’ provided by a large single gathering over thousands of individual meetings are massive if we can ensure that one assembly is planet and people positive.  Trees4Travel can do this through transparent and accurate CO2e calculation, and subsequent tree growing and green energy investment."

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Holly Patrick
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A desire to travel led Holly Patrick to the business meetings and events world and she’s never looked back. Holly takes a particular interest in event sustainability and creating a diverse and inclusive industry. When she’s not working, she can be found rolling skating along Brighton seafront listening to an eclectic playlist, featuring the likes of Patti Smith, Sean Paul, and Arooj Aftab.

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