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In the three years since the last IMEX in Frankfurt, technology has transformed the event landscape and the delegate experience whether it’s in-person, virtually or as an avatar in the metaverse.

The free learning programme at IMEX in Frankfurt, taking place 31 May – 2 June, explores the latest innovations in this field as well as diving into current issues around sustainability, event design, wellbeing, contract negotiations and more.

The expert-led programme focuses on the new skills and mindsets needed for a changed business climate with topics including Professional Development and Upskilling; Creativity in Communication; Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility; Innovation and Tech; and Purposeful Recovery. All eligible sessions qualify for CMP points accredited by EIC (Events Industry Council) while some are also CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) approved.

Moments in the metaverse

Trévon Hill, entrepreneur and co-founder of online event production agency, West Peek Productions, has a distinctive approach to the events sector having run his first ever event during the pandemic – end to end in just four days. Trévon and his co-founder Scooter, both in their early twenties, expected just a few hundred guests to attend their impromptu virtual conference - the final turnout was more than 5,000 attendees. The business has now expanded into a full-service production agency with a growing team and 300 virtual and hybrid events scheduled for the year ahead.

Trévon Hill, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of West Peek Productions

Image: Trévon Hill, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of West Peek Productions. Download image here.

Hill said: “We wanted to bring together some of our mentors and community and create a big moment of learning and sharing. ‘Learn, Partner, Connect’ were our pillars at the beginning.” He’s set to share some learnings from his journey to event professional in two sessions: Communication hacks during a hybrid event shows how to use technology to streamline communication and Entering the metaverse gives the lowdown on the metaverse, its platforms and infrastructure, ending with a taste of a metaverse event.

Ryan Phillips, creative director of DRPG, also delves into the metaverse in The Metaverse: Fleeting fad or future of the industry? He’ll detail the platforms, players and technologies that currently make up the metaverse event experience and share what audiences may want from metaverse interactions now and in the future.

In The Ultimate Guide to Event Tech in 2022, by Skift Meetings’ editor in chief Miguel Neves, offers a rundown of current tools and services while predicting where event technology is heading.

What’s your Foodprint?

Sustainability is explored on the show’s education programme as well as at the IMEX | EIC People & Planet Village. This area highlights DEI and sustainability best practices, advice and hands-on activities. Visitors to the innovative installation should lookout for a special message from climate scientist, Professor Ed Hawkins MBE. 

In Naturally creative - ideas with nature workshop, independent creative director and M&IT Expert Robert Dunsmore will challenge attendees to ‘flex extreme innovation skills’ and create a nature-based exhibit. Eric Wallinger from Meet Green, IMEX’s partner in measuring and building on sustainability goals, will unpack environmentally friendly food and beverage planning. In Your event’s environmental “foodprint”, Wallinger will cover everything from upstream impacts of food production to low-carbon menus. “The decisions your team makes around F&B influence nearly every aspect of your convention or event”, he explains.

Kap Europa – Behind the Scenes

For those interested in sustainable building design concepts, Kap Europa Messe Frankfurt was the first convention building in the world to be awarded Platinum Certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in 2014. Attendees will have the chance to explore this ground-breaking venue in a behind the scenes tour.

The 150+ education sessions at IMEX in Frankfurt 2022 are free of charge and open to all. Attendees can browse in advance and plan their learning here. 

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