Agency Challenge

The ICC Wales & Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales
July 19 - 20, 2022
The Challenges

The M&IT Agency Challenge presents the new team building game line-up for 2022. The ultimate networking experience… our games are designed to break down barriers and get the best agencies and suppliers in the industry working together, having fun and building relationships

Check out the game rules below and prepare yourself for the challenge!

1. Level Up:

The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time. There’s something for everyone in this fun, frenetic activity – it’s a sure-fire hit!

Packed with questions, challenges and loads of fun, teams have 10 levels to work through, with each passing level becoming more and more complex. However – the higher the level, the higher the points!

You and your team are guaranteed to have a ball whilst racing against the ticking clock but remember, strategy is key! Each level contains 5 tasks in 5 different categories; Creative, Cerebral, Observation, Physical and Pot Luck, ensuring the whole team can get stuck in.

2. The Rope Course Challenge:

Low Ropes
10 people from each team to work in pairs, one person from each pair will be on the course while the other person would be on the ground.
Blindfold Challenge – working in pairs the aim is to get one person, who has been blindfolded, around half the course as quickly as possible by following the directions of their partner on the ground.
Water Challenge – working as a pair transport a cup of water around the second half of the course trying to spill as little as possible

High Ropes
2 people from each team to complete half of the high ropes course.

Pole Climb
3 people from each team to complete the pole climb challenge and then on to the Towers of Hanoi challenge.

3. Beat The Media – A TV news-based team-building experience:

Following a briefing and support from our presenters detailed below*, teams will be assigned the task of creating an entertaining, 2-minute TV news package.

Teams will perform the roles of a TV news outlet. You can choose which roles you want to play, whether it’s an on-screen reporter, or the roles of director, writers and videographers if you’re more comfortable behind the camera. They will also have to select team members to play-act the roles of eyewitnesses, professional commentators and any other actors required in the creation of the team’s story.

At the end of their activity, teams will hand all footage to our editors who will compile them into a news package according to the team’s instructions and these will be played during the gala dinner. Each team will be assigned a separate storyline to produce their news package.

By the end of the challenge, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to prepare for, and achieve their very best performance and outcome, should they ever get the opportunity to be interviewed by the “media”. In addition, the participants will also understand the news-gathering process and the team-building challenge that they’ve been assigned

*Presenter Profile: Mark Armstrong Mark has over thirty years as a professional journalist and media trainer including 18 years with the BBC as a reporter and producer, and two years as a supervising editor for CNN International in Atlanta. He is still a working freelance TV journalist and has been involved in media training/consultancy for the past 11 years, delivering simulated press environments and media training to senior British military officers and NATO personnel. Supporting Team: Kevin Cook & Martyn Chidlow Kevin and Martyn have worked as news-based videographers for more than 30-years. Both are specialists in creating, time-critical, realistic TV news media content – and support media trainers in perfecting TV interview techniques